Name Randomizer

Shuffle Names Easily With Name Randomizer Tool

What is the Name Randomizer?

The Name Randomizer Tool is an online tool designed to shuffle and randomize a list of names. It’s a handy way to shuffle a list of names effortlessly.

What is the purpose of the Name Randomizer Tool?

The Name Randomizer tool is beneficial for situations in which you want to create random groups, pick out a random winner, or shuffle a list of names for any purpose.

How to Randomize Names?

You can randomize names with this tool by entering names (one per line) into the input textarea. Once you have entered the names, click the “Randomize” button to shuffle them.

Can I use the Name Randomizer Tool for giveaways and contests?

Absolutely! The Name Randomizer Tool is the best way to choose random winners in giveaways or contests.

Is there a restriction to the variety of names I can input?

This is a free tool and there’s no usage restriction.

Can I use the Name Randomizer Tool for educational purposes?

Yes, the tool can be useful in educational activities that involve randomizing student names, creating teams, or assigning tasks fairly.

Is my information saved once I use the Name Randomizer Tool?

No, this tool is designed to process the data on the client side (in your web browser) and it doesn’t save your entered names or the results.

What happens if I click the “Randomize” button multiple times?

Each time you click on the “Randomize” button, the tool will generate a new random order of the names you entered.